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Welcome Boxes is an excellent way for churches to get involved with refugees and asylum seekers in their local community and offer real, practical support to those in need. Trained volunteers deliver a box filled with small gifts and local information to refugees who have recently arrived in their local area, making sure they feel welcome as they arrive. The volunteers then continue to welcome the family or individual over the next three months, helping them to access support available to them and linking them in to community.

What Welcome Boxes provides:

We provide full training and support to churches wanting to set up a Welcome Boxes project in their local area. Our training covers important topics such as building a welcoming community, working cross-culturally, safeguarding as well as how to develop the partnerships needed to access referrals. We will then walk with you as you establish Welcome Boxes in your community, providing the support you need to welcome refugees.

How do i know if there is a need for welcome Boxes in my community?

We believe that any church can get involved in making refugees welcome! You can find out who is arriving in your community by contacting your local council. Whether there are lots of refugees arriving in your community, or not, what matters is the desire for your church to want to play their part. We can then advise the church on the best way forward, either on how to welcome refugees already in your community, or by looking at how you could invite refugees to live in your community.

What do I do next?

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what we've achieved so far

  • We've trained 76 individuals from 42 churches in how to run a Welcome Boxes project.
  • We've supported 5 new Welcome Boxes projects to start this year.
  • We've been running Welcome Boxes for 10 years.
  • We've welcomed over 1000 refugees and their families to the UK.
  • We've trained more than 60 local volunteers to befriend refugees.